Best 3 Software Testing Books for Tester in 2021

Almost all websites recommend an array of books and the readers are left confused deciding which one to buy. We want to eliminate this confusion and recommend the TOP 3 books, which in our experience every Tester must read.

Following books are available at 10-40% discount.

Lessons Learned in Software Testing

Want to seek some practical guidance on your software testing projects but not sure whom to ask? - Well, this is your book. This book is divided into "293 Lessons". Each seems to be meant for people with certain experiences and certain problems; some very broadly defined, others more tightly. Whether you are a newbie, tester or a test manager there are mega doses of wisdom that all could learn. Lessons Learned in Software Testing is styled in the form of short statements and blurbs and serves as a reference which can be looked up when needed.

Learn Testing in 1 Day

This book if by Guru99 and we do not want to sound biased. The book is for any beginner who is new to Software Testing. The book cogently explains software testing principles, test plans. It gives detailed steps to create test cases. Defect reporting process is explained. Details on popular testing types is explained lucidly. The book also gives case studies on how to test Banking, Insurance, Telecom, etc. domains. This book will be worth your time.

Learn Selenium in 1 Day

This book is by Guru99 and is the bible for Selenium enthusiasts. This book teaches Selenium automation with Java. The book covers Selenium IDE, Webdriver, and Grid in detail. TestNG and Selenium is explained in detailed. Advanced topics like Excel POI, POM, Page Factory, PDF, Email, screenshots, are covered. One stop guide to master Selenium.